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Follow your beliefs yet embrace
the Merculian way

We share PLAY belief to build exceptional hobby communities

We believe purpose drives exceptional people, and people drive exceptional results. At Mercular you can expect to find purposeful teams, jobs, and cultures.
We believe a leisurely state of mind is the key to reaching our full potential. We work hard yet not to forget to have leisure.
We believe achievement fuels people to find ways of doing things better. We give recognition to people who strive for innovation, and believe the achievement will be merely the results.
We believe the Merculian community is yours, and you will be the one who helps to build a hobby community together. We give freedom for you to decide on how you want to shape Mercular.

We embrace the Merculian way to guide our decisions. Our leaders engrave these
core values to lead, and it is our DNA that makes us different.

Merculians are your best hobby buddy. We think and feel others like a buddy, empathizing with others and aiming to assist. Merculians leaders go far and beyond proactively to find insight and create solutions for their buddies.
Merculians are trustworthy. We are honest with ourselves and dare to share our mistakes. But more importantly, we respect others and give honest feedback. Merculians leaders are willing to trust others and listen to your ideas tentatively.
Merculians talk, work, but teamwork! We care about others' feelings, so when we give feedback we have to be specific and elaborate on the details. Merculians leaders insist others to do the right thing, yet take personal interests aside and decide what is best for the team
Merculians are adaptive. We are flexible and embrace the changes. In fact, we can undergo a relearning process and develop a new way of thinking. With an adaptive mindset, Merculian leaders will create the breakthrough solution with creativity.
Merculians start with a plan and finish with execution. We pinpoint a clear objective, plan a milestone, and go far and beyond the comfort zone to execute the plan. Merculians leaders vision a strategic direction with courage and patience to follow the plan relentlessly.
Merculian never settle for the best. We are eager to learn new things and never settle to have average results. Merculian leaders dare to do things differently to drive exceptional results, yet embrace the failure and learn from it.


Explore our open roles for working totally remote, from the office or some place in between.

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